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  • VakilDiary Android Apps

    Easy to Use

    Quick interfaces, like calendar, “Today’s Cases”, “All Cases” makes accessing information easier. Update next date & next stage.

  • VakilDiary Android Apps

    List of all Cases

    Show list of all cases.Search Case by Party Name. Integrated with automated SMS sent by court.

  • VakilDiary Android Apps

    Send Reminder to Party

    Send Reminders to your Party using WhatsApp, SMS, Call etc.

  • VakilDiary Desktop Apps

    Desktop Apps

    VakilDiary now in offline mode. You can store any number of Cases at one place.You can Import data from mobile as well as export data to mobile.

  • VakilDiary Desktop Apps

    Case Master

    Customization for list of Courts, Case stage, Case Type.Register case.

  • VakilDiary Desktop Apps

    Report Generation

    Case Stage Wise Report. Court wise Reports

  • VakilDiary Desktop Apps

    Case History

    Show List of All Cases.Able to view history of particular case.Search Case with different criteria eg. party name; case no, case type etc .

  • VakilDiary Desktop Apps

    Appearance of Month

    Appearance of particular month. Disposal of particular month

  • VakilDiary Desktop Apps

    Daily Diary

    See daily case Diary. Update next date & next stage.

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VakilDiary is a very simple and easy to use an Android online App with an accompanying simple and responsive website i.e. vakildiary.com accessible through any device i.e. Smart Phone, tablets PC, laptops etc . This application is designed by Law Practitioners and made available to the Lawyers, Advocates, Judges and other law practitioners to manage and maintain the their daily case register.